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Exodus Campaign mission Help
Ok, I finally got Omni working on  my PC and I am playing through the exodus campaign, I get to the mission where you are supposed to defend the pirate convoy fleeing the Clans and I am failing miserably every time. I have a Cougar, a ShadowCat and a Assassin and either  they all get killed very quickly or the convey is ambushed. How do you beat this mission, I am at a loss.

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Have you tried salvaging the Hunchback at the pirates base - and then moving it to the nav point - while also moving your mechs to a place where they can be ready to defend the convoy when it gets there (somewhere south of the base)?
This mission requires a bit of multitasking and quickness if you aren't going to use the pause button.

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The problem is that the convoy is triggered by the nav point but the mechs arent so if I dont hit the Nav as soon as possible the clanners show up and the convoy isnt even moving.

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The last time I tried this mission the LRM ranges had been tweaked and the convoy kept getting pasted by the clanners with LRM's.  I am not sure if this has changed back since then (version 2.8 something I think. 

The only way to get through back then was to salvage and  use the hunchie to trigger the convoy by reaching the Nav point and then distracting the clanners whilst the convoy gets away.  Make sure you bring something like a Dragon that can handle the 2 mechs mid map.  Don't forget the light guarding the extraction point.

The way I did this prior to the above version was this,

-Salvage the Kit Fox from prior mission (or other really fast mech from mechlab)  Run straight to the nav marker and trigger the convoy. 
-Send a second medium/heavy mech to engage the 2 mechs mid map.
-once convoy is triggered run to help medium mech.  Defeat 2 enemies
-run both mechs to bottom right of map and destroy final mech.
-whilst you are doing this the Falcons and Wolves should have pounded each other.
-run the Kit Fox towards the base along the right hand side. Being careful not to be noticed (you have ECM on a Kit Fox).  Bide your time until remaining Clanners go away and then move in and salvage a mech of your choice.  This was a very good way of picking up a Mad Cat or Summoner early in the campaign and makes life a lot easier later on.  Be midful of the convoy because when they all reach the extraction marker the mission is over.


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Re: Exodus Campaign mission Help
The easiest way to do it is:
1) Take Shadowcat and Cougar.
2) Pause immediately after the beginning.
3) Run both mechs south-east (middle map) to engage and draw 2 enemy mechs south.
4) Salvage Hunchback in the pirate base and run it to nav point. (LRM ranges are reduced).
5) After that set the way point path for Hunchback. 1st point east middle map where the 2 enemies where, they should be chasing your other 2 mechs south. Set 2nd point near the extraction marker - there is one enemy mech.
6) Concentrate on the fight between your 2 mechs and the two enemies from south-east.
7) After you kill both go to extraction to help your Hunchback if needed.
8) It is all done, you can watch the clan fight or simply wait for the convoy.

Or you can do it the way described above. The mech is not Kit Fox its Firemoth.

Re: Exodus Campaign mission Help
I stand corrected.  It's been awhile and I didn't have the game in front of me.