Author Topic: China builds Battlestar Galactica  (Read 2587 times)

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China builds Battlestar Galactica

Those photos of a super-futuristic aircraft carrier published by the Japanese-language side of Yeah, those were lifted from a Battlestar Galactica fan-site.

The article, published by the state-run China Internet Information Center and titled "4 Major Trends in Aircraft Carrier Development," is presently still online. Japanese internet users were quick to call bull**** on the article's images, as South China Morning Post reports:
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Re: China builds Battlestar Galactica
:D Reminds me of when this was going around.


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Re: China builds Battlestar Galactica
I wonder when they'll go to deviant art and steal a picture of the Solaris and say it's their next-gen space warship.


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Re: China builds Battlestar Galactica
Well the North Koreans excel at this kind of stuff.


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Re: China builds Battlestar Galactica
Iran's plane glass is teh best.
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Re: China builds Battlestar Galactica
I love the reaction - "looks like Macross"!
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