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 Asteroid base appears in FRED but not in

I created my own table for it, using Arcadia as template, so Im guessing theres issues there.

Code: [Select]
$Name:                  GTI Silex
$Short name:            TInst3
$Species:               Terran
+Tech Description:
XSTR("The GTI Silex is the GTVA's primary ultramax prison.", 3062)
$POF file:              rockbase.pof
$Detail distance:       (0, 2000, 10000, 18000)
$Show damage:           NO
$Density:               1
$Damp:                  0.2
$Rotdamp:               0.2
$Max Velocity:          0.0, 0.0, 0.0
$Rotation time:         0.0, 0.0, 0.0
$Rear Velocity:         0.0
$Forward accel:         0.0
$Forward decel:         0.0
$Slide accel:           0.0
$Slide decel:           0.0
$Expl inner rad:        100.0
$Expl outer rad:        2400.0
$Expl damage:           400.0
$Expl blast:            6500.0
$Expl Propagates:       YES                                                     ;; If set to Yes, then when the ship dies, the explosion propagates through it.
$Shockwave Speed:       600.0                                           ;; speed shockwave expands at, 0 means no shockwave
$Shockwave Count: 3
$Default PBanks:        ()
$Default SBanks:        ()
$SBank Capacity:        ()
$Shields:               0
$Power Output:          1.0
$Max Oclk Speed:        0.0
$Max Weapon Eng:        100.0
$Hitpoints:             90000
$Flags:                 ( "drydock"   "dont collide invisible" "capital" "big damage")
$AI Class:              Captain
$Afterburner:           NO
$Countermeasures:       0
$Scan time:             2000
$EngineSnd:        -1                   ;; Engine sound of ship
$Closeup_pos:           0.0, 0.0, -2062
$Closeup_zoom:          0.5
$Score:              900
$Subsystem:                     navigation,  5, 0
$Subsystem:                     sensors01,                        5, 0
$Subsystem:                     communications,  5, 0
$Subsystem:                     sensors02,                        5, 0
$Subsystem:                     turret01,0.5,0.5
$Default PBanks:        ( "Shivan Turret Laser" )
$Subsystem:                     turret02,0.5,0.5
$Default PBanks:        ( "Shivan Turret Laser" )
$Subsystem:                     turret03,0.5,0.5
$Default PBanks:        ( "Shivan Turret Laser" )
$Subsystem:                     turret04,0.5,0.5
$Default PBanks:        ( "Shivan Turret Laser" )
$Subsystem:                     turret05,0.5,0.5
$Default PBanks:        ( "Shivan Turret Laser" )
$Subsystem:                     turret06,0.5,0.5
$Default PBanks:        ( "Shivan Turret Laser" )
$Subsystem:                     turret07,0.5,0.5
$Default PBanks:        ( "Shivan Turret Laser" )


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Run a debug build of FS and load the mission. The error messages should tell you what's wrong.

[edit] the subsystems on the model don't match the ones in the table (assuming you haven't changed the pof). The model only has a "sensors" subsystem, not a 1 and 2, and it has a "reactor" subsystem that isn't in your table. There may be more discrepancies but I'm too lazy to look for them and debug should tell you.
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Thank you, I'll check that out.

Mismatched table and pof would make an entire model not appear?


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Dunno, I've always caught those with debug builds so idk what a regular build would do. Could easily be another issue entirely, but the mismatched table is a problem anyway.


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Mismatched subsystems (to my knowledge) actually don't do anything in regular my knowledge.
As in, subsystems on the POF not in the table is "fine", from what I've seen - game just ignores the fact that those subsystems exist - subsystems with models will just be part of the hull as if it didn't have the $subsystem= entry, etc, though debug will still complain.
Subsystems on the table and not in the more of a problem, especially if you try to reference it in FRED and whatnot, since it can't find the subsystem.

If you're running into errors its a good idea to clean up everything debug complains about first, even if you don't think it could be directly responsible - you never know.


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Doesn't a $rotation time: of zero make models oddly disappear in game? Set it to something high instead (the Arcadia uses 200, 200, 200 IIRC). I might be on crack or something, but I thought that was the case. :nervous:
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