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Question about adding and removing campaigns
I have Free space 2 open, and the mediavps. I also have Free space 1mod and Silent threat reborn again with the mediavps aadd on.

My question is this.
In free space 1 for example when I go to switch campaigns in game. Can I add other mods to that screen, or do I have to use vxlauncher to select witch mods I want to use.

I am using Free space 1 mediavps. Can I go directly to ST:R while in the game, instead of having to activate the mod in vx launcher?

Thanks for the helo


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Re: Question about adding and removing campaigns
You usually need to switch to the different mod, as campaigns are normally compatible with a single mod  (although there are exceptions).  Using your example for instance, from the ST:R mod you should be able to see and play the Freespace 1, ST, ST:R and Operation Templar campaigns without switching mods,
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Re: Question about adding and removing campaigns
Correct. So it is dependant on the mod then.