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Continue Campaign Missions?
So I had just finished playing The Fog of War (Act 2 Mission 7) and decided to take a break from playing.  I pressed the escape button to get out of the briefing for the next mission and while I was clicking the accept message I noticed it said something about exiting loop.  It brought me back to a Vasudan start screen and I exited.  I don't think I did anything else, but when I relaunched the game it was back to a Terran screen and the briefing is for the first mission of the campaign... Is there any way to go back to where I last was?  I couldn't figure out how to select a mission other than tech room replays. (Endgame was the last one shown there, btw.)


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Re: Continue Campaign Missions?
Please post your fs2_open.log file.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in this post.

Which screen were you on when you pressed escape? And did you do anything (like install FSO 3.7.0) between quitting the game and relaunching it?
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