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My latest Endless Gauntlet run


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Another attempt with a new ship


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And the award for lowest score ever goes to...

... I have no idea how this happened.  :confused:
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-2147476287 equals 80001CC1 in hex which... doesn't look right. Your score was so weird that the announcer didn't know what rank to give it. (help coders!)

(The 1CC1 part equals 7361 in decimal, so I'm guessing that's your true score but... something has gone wrong in storing that...)
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...I suppose the probability that the actual score was 2147491009 and it just wrapped around is zero?
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<MageKing17> "There's probably a reason the code is the way it is" is a very dangerous line of thought. :P
<MageKing17> Because the "reason" often turns out to be "nobody noticed it was wrong".
(the very next day)
<MageKing17> this ****ing code did it to me again
<MageKing17> "That doesn't really make sense to me, but I'll assume it was being done for a reason."
<MageKing17> **** ME

<MageKing17> God damn, I do not understand how this is breaking.
<MageKing17> Everything points to "this should work fine", and yet it's clearly not working.
<MjnMixael> 2 hours later... "God damn, how did this ever work at all?!"
<MageKing17> so
<MageKing17> more than two hours
<MageKing17> but once again we have reached the inevitable conclusion
<MageKing17> How did this code ever work in the first place!?

<@The_E> Welcome to OpenGL, where standards compliance is optional, and error reporting inconsistent

<MageKing17> It was all working perfectly until I actually tried it on an actual mission.

<IronWorks> I am useful for FSO stuff again. This is a red-letter day!
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<MageKing17> TIL the entire homing code is held up by shoestrings and duct tape, basically.


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Very very unlikely. If you punch that number into a binary calculator, the 32nd bit is 1. So the negative sign bit got activated somehow...


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