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Softth MultiScreen Software

I want to share this little tool that i use sometimes to play FSO, for those who do not know it, Softth is a tool that provide the feature
to use multi-screens configurations without Nvidia Surround, AMD Eyefinity, Matrox Triplehead, etc....
It uses the main video card and routes the signal to the others, so you need a good main graphic card.

It works with 2, 3 or more monitors, the launcher has the "play in a window" option but i have better FPS using Softh and can be run on FullScreen, may be is useful for someone...
The Main Hall result streched but the HUD is fully configurable.

There are different versions of Softth, and the best for FSO i think is the " SoftTH109b_rc1 " because works with OpenGL.
Just you need to put all the files on the FSO folder and do the setup with your numbers of monitors and resolutions.
Deleting the files from the folder removes the program.

Here the version 109b_rc1...

Here the link of the page....

Here some pics...

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Re: Softth MultiScreen Software
Err, I'm pretty sure you can already do multiscreen with FSO without any third-party software. Just manually set the res via command line and play in fullscreen window.
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Re: Softth MultiScreen Software
That is good, i didn´t know :drevil:, i hope it works with 3 monitors, i will to test it when i have a bit of time, thanks.


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Re: Softth MultiScreen Software
it's a shame it does not work with other higher versions of Softth, because with this new versions you can add monitors on top or below and i think that is not possible with the standard FSO, at least until i know....   :)

Anyway i don´t have 4 monitors and a MEGA computer-card  to run it with Softth, but i hope is useful for someone even for other games.