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Diaspora "Let's Play" Video
Hey folks! Just dropping by to let you all know about a video my friends and I recently uploaded to Youtube. It's a "Let's Play" video of Mission 1 of Diaspora with a commentary.
We plan on doing all the missions in R1, but we've been a bit busy with other videos and have only done the first mission thus far. The rest should be up within a week or two, and I will edit this post with links as we upload them.
We also plan on doing a let's play series of Blue Planet: War in Heaven (thanks to a bit of begging on Rod's part ;)). This will be after we finish Diaspora though. And of course after we make sure BP's crew is ok with it.
Although we've only been active for a month or so we have some other videos as well (mostly let's plays and a few discussions), but for the most part we just wanted to let you all know that we're doing a Diaspora series.

We hope you enjoy it!
- Rod, Tom, and Brady of Linear Radio

Edit: Last Saturday we finished all the missions... sort of. We may have died in the last seconds of a couple. Regardless, we will be posting a new one every few days, so check back every now and then!

Mission 1:
Mission 2:
Mission 3:
Mission 4:
Mission 5:
Mission 6:
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Re: Diaspora "Let's Play"
Voice acting on BP2 is closer to done than not, might want to hold for that.

Re: Diaspora "Let's Play"
Ooh, thanks for the heads up. I've been waiting years for the voice acted version, happy to hear it's close to done.

- Rod

Re: Diaspora "Let's Play" Video
Hey, Rod here. So we got caught up in another thing that ended up taking priority over our Diaspora videos (also I got kinda slammed with classwork) but we're back to Diaspora now. We've already released mission 3, and missions 4, 5, and 6 are up and scheduled for Monday the 21st, Wednesday the 23rd, and Friday the 25th respectively. As always, updates will be posted as edits in the first post. Hope y'all enjoy them!
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