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Originally posted by Kitsune
I have just about every ship/model in .3ds format, all the ships and cargo at least.
And I thought the SOD converter was for 3S max?

And that AI you want sounds ike a royal b!tch because not everyone is at the same skill when it comes to games like that.  I can handle the AI on armada, but on say, StarCraft, I get my ass handed to me unless I use the money cheats.  (Without fail, I always get two AI's going after me at least and I can't defend against two with basic resources.)

Oh, and does the mod have the same issues that armada 1 did?  (referring to how larger ships can spin around rapidly to change directions and such, figured out how to stop them from getting pushed around by other ships though, really evident in the STvsSW conversion).

yes the SOD exporter plugin is for 3d studio Max.  Can you convert the models to SOD? If you are converting to Armada 2 SOD can the opaque thing be on?  models can use alpha channel Lightmaps if that is used.

Well The AI has to woop ass every time.  even the most experienced players will have trouble fighting just 1 AI.

No I am working hard to make sure that never happens.  The Beta Testers will be required to test every ship to see if they are true enough to Freespace.  Of course some of the mod will have to be less than perfect to FS, as we want balance with other players.... sort of....
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Snake, do me a favor.
If you have the .zip of the sod converter please email them (for armada one and two) to me.  But make sure they unzip properly first.

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I can e-mail them, but only if you cant get them here:

SOD 3DS-Max Exporter Plugin - Converts to SOD format.
make sure you grab both of them.

Good news.  I finally managed to get the models, and I will begine converting them to SOD... after i correct the textures a bit.

Well, since that crisis has been adverted, I think its time to move on too other things about the mod.  mainly, I want to know everyones ideas for special weapons and other "neat" things you would like to see.  dont worry about the ship turning rates, that will be fixed in the physics files.

I will soon get some screen shots in a few days after the model work is finished.

I am excited about the mod now, it's totaly gonna rock!

hmm.... well, anyway... bump

I would like to include the Athena, Scorpion, and whatever models that FS1 had that FS2 scrapped.  would someone mind sending me the models (in FS POF) and the textures?