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Alistair is particularly egregious.

Bastard son of a betrayed nobleman, who joins an order dedicated to defending civilization from an omnipresent but popularly misunderstood threat from beyond the realm of human habitation?

Nope.  Never been done before.

I take it you never read the novels and met Fiona?
A Mary Sue in flesh.

Well, to be fair, they did break the mold with him by making him both a moron and a douchebag.

I never considered him either.
Loghain deserved a head choppin', and the biggest problem I have is the railroading.

In a city full of people, only Loghain is offered as the ONLY GW choice. You'd think people would be lining up now that the threat is in their face! Ya know, protect your family and all that s***.

Also, a nice option for Loghain would be to put him in a front line squad and send him to fight the biggest concetration of darkspawn. Gets rid of him, you get some us out of him and you don't make him a GW.
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