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Was talking about BP actually.
Well, then wait for the second part. That's where the real fun starts. :)

Sorry but already checked out of BP with WIH1 and have no real intention of revisiting it. BP was great, WIH for me not so much.
Haven't played FSO in ages either, my backlog of other games is too immense.


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Horses for courses I guess.

Does anyone remember stratosphere.  The 3d sky fortress builder?  This reminds me of that with less customisation.


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So Dreadnaught was looking pretty good at PAX. More details from Mittens.

No comment on monetization, though, which is always the make-or-break for this sort of game...
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Well, I would debate you on "good" story, at least so far as the sequel are concerned.
Then play the original I was talking about. HW2's got nothing on the original Homeworld. The original's a classic, and for a very good reason. Also check out Cataclysm, it's an expansion pack of sort, also quite good. HW2 is the weakest of the three.
HW2 > Cata.  At least as far as being a Homeworld game goes.  Flawed as it was, at least HW2 felt like Homeworld.  Cata did not.

Cataclysm's original ships also happen to look terrible.