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Re: "Balancing" the UEF and GTVA
Here's my opinion of the strengths of the two RA2 factions and which IMO faction has the same advantage in BP:

RA2 Soviets:

Armor- UEF (According to the FS wiki, a Solaris has more hp than an Erebus/Raynor and Titan)

Numerical superiority-TIE (The GTVA 'could' bring in more ships than the UEF and it already has more destroyers in-theater, but according to a picture posted in this forum, the UEF currently has a lot more smaller capital ships.  I wasn't sure how to call this one)

Raw firepower-UEF (Apocalypse torpedo swarms and good anti-subsystem weapons give them a blunt edge)

Overall higher technology-?  (Not sure how to call this one just yet)

Aggresiveness-GTVA (They started official conflict unfortunately)

RA2 Allies:

Mobility-GTVA (Sprint drives really help)

Specialized heavy firepower-GTVA (Beams seem like a scalpel to the UEF's Apocalypse hammer and less logistics needed I'd imagine)

Better on the defense-UEF (They're fighting for their home)