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I have some questions...

First, does this game give the host (probably in direct ip mode only) the ability to kick players, like most multiplayer fps games?

Second, can you add a profanity filter as a server option?

Just curious with ways that the host can have more control of the server.....


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A profanity filter would be a pretty significant feature to add probably, would need to add some sort of dictionary library or something.  I believe kicking players is possible, at least between games.  Mid-battle, I'm not sure if there's a control for that, but I wouldn't really think it too necessary since missions are usually so short you can just end it, kick, and start again.
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There is no ingame joining and you can normally tell within a few seconds whether someone is going to be a moron or not.
You can't kick ingame, but you can jump and kick like chief said.

I should also point out, however, that with the size of the multiplayer community, I would discourage kicking people unless they're genuinely being disruptive to your gameplay. It's counter productive to you actually ..being able to play games.
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