Author Topic: Prey 2 Gets the Teeth?  (Read 607 times)

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Prey 2 Gets the Teeth?
I don't play these kind of games on account of my limited hardware, but I was really impressed by this trailer, which looked completely bad-ass:

...And this game, Prey 2, is not what you'll be playing if a Prey 2 ever hits the shelves:

I ended up looking up some interesting commentary on the state of the game on YouTube, as well as a brief blurb on the Wikipedia page, and needless to say, it sounds very disappointing. What I saw in demos of the game was, yes, a shooter, but it looked like it had some character unto itself which was really quite unique. What shall replace it seems to be in the vein of BioShock and some flavor of survival horror...

...It's not that such a development means the outcome will be bad, but it also seems like it won't be great, either. Is this yet another moment which serves to demonstrate poor taste on part of corporate management, perhaps mismanagement?
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Re: Prey 2 Gets the Teeth?
Bethesda sucks, what's new.


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Re: Prey 2 Gets the Teeth?
after the disappointment that was rage i decided to quit shooters for awhile. prey was the last one i actually enjoyed, and it sucks that they gave the sequel the shaft.
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