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FSport mouse no complete screen

I have a problem with my mouse. I bought FS2 on gog. Downloaded FSCP installed all Mods with the java launcher and startet the latest version of fsport media vps.

Everything is working fine except that i cant reach all the corners of my screen with my mouse while im ingame.

Im playing on 1920*1080 and it seems that the game somehow "thinks" im playing on a lower resolution. Like 1024*768. Cuz I can reach from the top left corner to 2/3 to the right of the screen. And then when i try to point to the right corner my mouse just stops and wonnt go further.

I hope its understandable for you.

I searched the forum but didnt find a solution for my problem.

Hope you can help me.



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Re: FSport mouse no complete screen
Please post your fs2_open.log file.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in this post.

Also, are you using Windows 8, and if so are you running wxlauncher as an administrator?
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Re: FSport mouse no complete screen
Running wxLauncher as admin fixed a similar issues I was having. Try that?