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Re: Mechcommander Omnitech 424
Haven't seen this reported elsewhere and didn't see a specific bug thread, so I'll pop it here.  :)

When progressing into a new mission, mechs are available for purchase and pilots can be hired; upon loading game, however, no mechs are available for purchase and no pilots can be hired.

To replicate:
1. In MCO, load a game where you would expect to see new mechs and pilots available (I've seen this in both the MW2 and Carver V campaigns so far).
2. Click NEXT. The Drop screen appears.
3. Click MECH PURCHASING. Should see no mechs available for purchase.
4. Click CANCEL.
5. Click NEXT. The Pilots screen appears.
6. Click HIRE. The Hiring screen appears. Should see no pilots available to hire.

Hope this is helpful.  :)


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Re: Mechcommander Omnitech 424
I have had this problem too in the modified Carver campaign. The workaround that I have been using is to buy or sell both a weapon and a mech. I can then save and when I reload, the mechs and weapons are still present in the store.

For me to replicate the bug:
1. Play through a mission successfully
2. Save the game. Do not purchase or sell anything.
3. Reload the game.
4. Go to mech purchasing or weapons purchasing and store inventory is empty.



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Re: Mechcommander Omnitech 424
On closer inspection, it seems this only happens for me when I load an "after" save. If you load a "before" save, there's no issue, so there's an easy work-around available.  :)