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I got a FS2 copy from steam and after importing some .reg file, which the steam installer forgot (:hopping:) it runs just fine.

However, I'd like to have the fancy graphics of fs2_open and can't manage it to start. I basically choose the .exe via "browse..." (2.7.0, latest recommended build), press run and then the pc slows down to a degree that i have a mouse cursor update every 3 seconds and after a few seconds i get a blue screen and restart. It's the first time I ever encountered blue screens on this pc. I followed instructions to get a fs2_open.log:

Code: [Select]
DEBUG SPEW: No debug_filter.cfg found, so only general, error, and warning
categories can be shown and no debug_filter.cfg info will be saved.
FreeSpace 2 Open version:
Passed cmdline options:
  -mod MediaVPs_2014
Building file index...
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\MediaVPs_2014\MV_Assets.vp' with a checksum of 0x23b7997e
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\MediaVPs_2014\MV_Effects.vp' with a checksum of 0x6fbd3357
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\MediaVPs_2014\MV_Root.vp' with a checksum of 0x107a739e
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\Root_fs2.vp' with a checksum of 0xce10d76c
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\smarty_fs2.vp' with a checksum of 0xddeb3b1e
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\sparky_fs2.vp' with a checksum of 0x164fe65a
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\sparky_hi_fs2.vp' with a checksum of 0xa11d56f1
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\stu_fs2.vp' with a checksum of 0xd77da83a
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\tango1_fs2.vp' with a checksum of 0x4c25221e
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\tango2_fs2.vp' with a checksum of 0x86920b82
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\tango3_fs2.vp' with a checksum of 0x705e8d71
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\warble_fs2.vp' with a checksum of 0xd85c305d
Searching root 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\MediaVPs_2014\' ... 0 files
Searching root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\MediaVPs_2014\MV_Assets.vp' ... 2015 files
Searching root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\MediaVPs_2014\MV_Effects.vp' ... 2063 files
Searching root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\MediaVPs_2014\MV_Root.vp' ... 848 files
Searching root 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\' ... 15 files
Searching root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\Root_fs2.vp' ... 157 files
Searching root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\smarty_fs2.vp' ... 10 files
Searching root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\sparky_fs2.vp' ... 3027 files
Searching root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\sparky_hi_fs2.vp' ... 1337 files
Searching root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\stu_fs2.vp' ... 2355 files
Searching root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\tango1_fs2.vp' ... 32 files
Searching root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\tango2_fs2.vp' ... 15 files
Searching root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\tango3_fs2.vp' ... 10 files
Searching root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\warble_fs2.vp' ... 52 files
Searching root 'f:\' ... 0 files
Found 15 roots and 11936 files.
Setting language to English
TBM  =>  Starting parse of 'mv_root-lcl.tbm' ...
Initializing OpenAL...
  OpenAL Vendor     : Creative Labs Inc.
  OpenAL Renderer   : SB X-Fi Audio [C000]
  OpenAL Version    : OpenAL version 1.1

  Found extension "ALC_EXT_EFX".

Is OpenAL/my x-fi soundcard the problem here? I assumed that the "ALC_EXT_EFX" has something to do witch the alchemy drivers of my soundcard, which is why I uninstalled them. It didn't change anything though.

OpenAL is installed, graphics card is a gtx 660ti with newest nvidia drivers. Any help is appreciated  :nervous:


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It certainly looks like the soundcard is the issue here.
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Try FSO 3.7.2 RC5.
3.7.0 is not compatible with mediavps_2014.


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Try FSO 3.7.2 RC5.
3.7.0 is not compatible with mediavps_2014.

This.  But that is probably not your BSOD issue, the next one probably is, so try that too:

You might want to give this a try: