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Hi all,

I promised myself I wouldn't show off anything unless there was actually something to show but I've been working on a prototype for a real-time strategy game the past couple months - and it's showing progress. It's creating using the Unity game engine ( It's being written in C#.

Here's a GIF:

And here's the latest dev blog entry:

Some stuff that's gotten done on it:
  • Camera movement
  • Unit selection
  • Different teams/players
  • Basic melee combat system, units can attack each other when next to each other, take damage, and can be destroyed
  • Tinkering with Unity's graphics engine - some of the screenshots show Unity's default anti-aliasing and some bloom effect, although this is nothing to really look at by seeing cube placeholders
  • Beginning of the user interface, currently working on "build" mode to construct buildings

Not sure how many people here on a space sim forum will be interested in following its progress but there it is. It's not much, but 2 months of part time work is a start to get those basics down.

I'm hoping to have a playable version of the prototype I'll make available to play for PC, Mac, Linux, and on the web in the next few months, so hopefully around that time I'll show you something that's actually fun to play.

Some stuff that I hope to make unique to the real time strategy genre in the coming weeks, although all this is subject to change:
  • A "reproduction system" wherein male and female units actually produce other units, and only when in close proximity to each other. No worries - nothing graphic will be here, just how creating new units in the game works!
  • Combat is more focused on "squad" style play as opposed to massive armies, so only 2 units really exist: a male and female human, which can equip different tools/weapons.
  • Basic stealth is meant to exist where humans can hide in trees, behind rocks, in bushes, and other environment objects to ambush enemies or defend camps.

By the way, to give anyone reading just a short blurb about my background: I'm an actual software developer by day and (arguably) an amateur game designer by night. Most of the my work for my actual career thus far has involved database related work,, and .NET related tools/scripts. So, bare in mind that most of what you see is being done on a very part time basis. I honestly wish I could squeeze in some sort of FreeSpace related development but if I want to get this done there's just no time!

Hope you guys like.
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UPDATE: If anyone here on the forums would like to help play test an upcoming prototype of this to be released in July 2015, please PM me or respond here. The prototype is going to be pre-alpha state and FREE, of course.   :D :nod: I'll need people to tell me stuff that's confusing, bugs they find, stuff that sucks, stuff they'd like to see that isn't there yet, etc.

While I'm making another post, here's some other stuff you can look at, if you're interested.

The build mode is coming along:

Another thread for the beginnings of this game exists here on the Unity engine forum for any programmers/game design folk or hobbyists here: