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Nightly (Windows): 07 May 2015 - Revision 935af40
Here is the nightly for Windows on 07 May 2015 - Revision 935af40

Open non-feature issues in Mantis: 124

Group: Standard

Group: NO-SSE

Group: AVX

Group: SSE

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commit 42d830e
Author: Lari Nieminen <Wed May 6 23:40:40 2015 +0300>
Commit: Lari Nieminen <Wed May 6 23:40:40 2015 +0300>

    * Made the firepoint HUD gauge light up only the firepoints which will fire next, if "dynamic primary linking" ship flag or "cycle" weapon flag is used.
 code/hud/hudreticle.cpp | 38 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
 1 file changed, 27 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)


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Re: Nightly (Windows): 07 May 2015 - Revision 935af40
As you'll see, there are now AVX builds in the Windows nightlies.  I've switched over to VS2013 for today's set, if there are no issues this move from VS2008 will be permanent.
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Re: Nightly (Windows): 07 May 2015 - Revision 935af40
In addition, you may notice that the debug .map files are gone, and in their place, release builds now have their own .pdb files. The .map files weren't actually serving any useful purpose (they're for manual debugging, which our error messages' stacktraces render redundant, and they were a virtually-indecipherable mess anyway), while having symbols for release builds means that if you get an FSO error popup in a release build, it should provide symbols in the stack trace, which is useful for troubleshooting!
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Re: Nightly (Windows): 07 May 2015 - Revision 935af40
AVX are basically improved SSE builds, correct?

Re: Nightly (Windows): 07 May 2015 - Revision 935af40