Author Topic: Any news on the horizon?  (Read 1923 times)

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Any news on the horizon?
Hey everyone

I have played and enjoyed Shattered Armistice several times - it's really really great.
I'm impressed by how well it captures the feel of the show, and by how good a game it is overall.
I would like to ask the devs (if it's ok) if there is any news on the development of End of Line (The second release) Is it still in development, or is there a hiatus?
Thanks (And sorry if I'm a pain for asking this)


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Re: Any news on the horizon?
Nah, it's fine to ask, we've been pretty quiet of late. There is something going on behind the scenes that should hopefully lead to some news within the next few weeks.

But we're still a long way away from a release unfortunately.
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Re: Any news on the horizon?
Thanks very much for the update.
So many community driven projects quietly die so I'm glad to know that the silence isn't a sign of that.
Keep up the good work!    ^_^   


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Re: Any news on the horizon?
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// codes codes codes

Pops head up to see Aventine.

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