Author Topic: Exodus Campaign CTD. Cannot find workaround.  (Read 840 times)

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Exodus Campaign CTD. Cannot find workaround.
Hi Magic,

When moving the the bridge in mission E_1_2_The Gate. My game crashes to desktop.

Is this what you need from the crash report?

EXCEPTION : Attempt to read from address 0x00000063 in MCOREL! (+0x1C2461)
Address   : 0x005C3461
Location  : MCOREL! (+0x1C2461)

Call Stack
0x0059CC70 MCOREL! (+0x19BC70)             
0x0059CED2 MCOREL! (+0x19BED2)             
0x00599BD4 MCOREL! (+0x198BD4)             
0x004840CF MCOREL! (+0x830CF)               
0x00402C91 MCOREL! (+0x1C91)               
0x005C1584 MCOREL! (+0x1C0584) 

EDIT: I found another bug. If you remove ECM MK.1 from any mech. You cannot put it back EVER. Anybody else found this?

Please help!

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Exodus Campaign CTD. Cannot find workaround.
The only way across that bridge is to leave one of your mechs near PG Alpha and another one near PG Beta. Move all other mechs across the bridge and capture building to disarm bridge explosives...
After that you can move those two across too.

You are correct about the error. Command setobjectdamage (when you trigger the explosives) has a memory leak and is causing crushes when calling more then 3 in order. Will take a look, thank you.
EDIT: Bug found and fixed.

About mechs and ECM Beagle probe. In mech csv files there is a definition:
Can have ecm (yes/no). Most mechs have NO. I know I have to do it bat there are always more important things to do and later I simply forgot to change all those files...
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Offline Mcray

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Re: Exodus Campaign CTD. Cannot find workaround.
Tried leaving behind mechs. I missed this minor detail, so the explosives don't get triggered. Thank you. I was able to pass this mission