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Re: May 2016 Screencap Contest
Too bombastic and stylised for vasudans. Ancients, maybe?

Re: May 2016 Screencap Contest
Yeah seems like it would fit in with the Ancients crew.

What exactly is a missile Carrier?

Re: May 2016 Screencap Contest
It wouldn't fit precisely with the Vasudan aesthetic, but I've always found the Vasudan aesthetics to be pretty loose and permissible. The spiny-arm-bits would have to be passed off as some sort of technobabbly experimental subspace drive, and it would not work unless it had stuff poking out of the ship at weird angles.

Missile carrier = carrier for missiles :p

Basically I just need a Zod ship that looks fast and has plenty of turrets that I can reconfigure as missile launchers. Multipart guns with barrels sticking out aren't so good, but small non-glowy beam dishes and other generic 'lumpy' turrets work great for VLS launchers.

I'll take some more beam-screenshots later. We're allowed three submissions, right?
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Re: May 2016 Screencap Contest
We're allowed three submissions, right?

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Re: May 2016 Screencap Contest
Did somebody say BEAMZ?

EDIT: Let's try that again, with more PBR:
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Re: May 2016 Screencap Contest
I say everyone loves Lucy:
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Re: May 2016 Screencap Contest
smashing ravana!

Excuse by my English :P

Re: May 2016 Screencap Contest
Am I late? :nervous:

I couldn't stop from posting this when I saw what killed me :lol: