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Don't know where to put this, so here I go.

First: Great game you put together here, can't wait for the next release (as probably anyone else here).

After playing through the campaign I played around a bit with FREDing and stumbled upon the nameplate guide.
There it says something about the font used on the show and that you would have to recreate the letters yourself using vector drawing if you wanted to have it look like the real thing. Now, I don't want to be the smartass here (at least not right away with my first post), but I found a page
where it says that this particular font is actually an off-the-shelf one available in the graphics program that was used by the series' artists. And the also give you a free demo version of that font with all the uppercase letters (the only ones you need to create BS names etc.).
So just in case you didn't know that already, now you know.
Cheers :)
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I'm not sure if we knew which font was used or not, I vaguely remember some discussion on the matter a few years back. That said, this is a nice find if we don't already have it.
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