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White squares within lightshafts
I've been having this weird graphical glitch where the lightshafts have a strange grid of white squares (they seem to match the brightness of the light around them), and it doesn't always happen. It might start in the middle of a play session, and won't go away. Sometimes (often, actually) the glitch is already "on" as soon as I start the game.

Pic linked because it's kinda big for forums.
Another pic

I installed FS2 and FSO about two days ago, the only mods applied are MediaVPs and Blue Planet: Complete, all installed from the FSO Installer. The build I'm running is a nightly from about 1 or 2 days ago named "fs2_open_3_7_3_SSE2_20151103_0ea25e7".

My command line flags are as follows:

Code: [Select]
-mod bpcomplete,mediavps_2014
-3dshockwave -post_process -soft_particles -cache_bitmaps -dualscanlines -targetinfo -orbradar -rearm_timer
-ship_choice_3d -weapon_choice_3d -3dwarp -warp_flash -voicer -fullscreen_window -no_emissive_light -ambient_factor
160 -spec_exp 11 -spec_point 0.6 -spec_static 0.8 -spec_tube 1.2 -ogl_spec 60

Computer specs:
* Windows 10 Home SL; x64
* Intel Core i5-2500 @3.30GHz
* EVGA NVidia Geforce GTX 660

Drivers and OS are up to date.


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Re: White squares within lightshafts
As an update, I'm now running November 11's Nightly (2283295) and the bug still happens.


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Re: White squares within lightshafts
The only time I have ever seen something similar was artifacts from my GPU overheating due to a failed fan.  But even then, the squares were multicolored, not uniform.
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