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New Freelancer-ish game "Everspace"

I am not exactly sure how I came across it, but I found this cool game called Everspace, by some of the creators of Galaxy On Fire, which, while I hear that work wasn't terribly great, this looks phenomenal. It uses a blend of 6DOF controls and mouse-aiming like Freelancer, plus a well-simplified crafting system but very detailed ship systems and damage management.

It's "another one of those games", you know, rogue-likes, but it has a permanent upgrade system in-between playthroughs.  It's in-game progression works a lot like FTL where the systems are randomized with various threat levels that you hop to for progression, and there's even a special enemy that will come after you if you stick around too long in a system (but they're not unkillable I think).

There is also a lot more going on than just you, including other people fighting each other.

You can mine asteroids. I don't know if they uses voxels or what, but you grind them up with your weapons until you break open a section with usable materials, which will automatically reveal themselves and be collectible. No need to equip a grinder and slowly eat through an asteroid. I'm not certain if you need specifically mining weapons or can use anything.

The game goes into Steam Early Access on the 14th, as well as GOG Games In Development sometime after probably, which you can still pre-order for some goodies and priority technical assistance (however that works).
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Re: New Freelancer-ish game "Everspace"
So apparently gog is trying to sell me this game. I watched the trailer just out of curiosity and OH MAN.
The music and the visuals immediately piqued my interest.

Now, anyone here's got an informed opinion about this? Informed as in been an alpha/beta tester?
Main page looks all good but I cannot decide only on that and the trailer.
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Re: New Freelancer-ish game "Everspace"
Some people were talking about the beta on IRC; can't remember exactly who, but opinions were positive.
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Re: New Freelancer-ish game "Everspace"
Do not think, that this game has much to do with Freelancer in the terms of gameplay.

So it is a Rogue-like.. that means, no story and no ending.
So i am not interested in this kind of stuff.
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Re: New Freelancer-ish game "Everspace"
ACG made a gameplay video about it. Looks quite nice. I just hope it has decent HOTAS support.


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Re: New Freelancer-ish game "Everspace"
Fomer developers of the mobile game Galaxy on Fire, which was very simple and repetitive. Did not like at all. (Think your typcial action "gear grinder" in space.)

Course that doesn't mean this is also. Would also like to hear more from someone who sunk some time in.
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