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Re: Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
I note that they've touched up the modding tools, I wonder if it'd be possible for them to unlock the limitations which made modding on Nexus so difficult...
I would be surprised... my understanding is that they're the kind of deep-engine limitations that would require extensive rewriting (like, say, trying to turn countermeasures into a fully-fleshed-out tertiary weapons system in FSO; theoretically doable, but would take a lot of effort).

On the other hand, I'm surprised at this update, so who knows?
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<MageKing17> this ****ing code did it to me again
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<MageKing17> God damn, I do not understand how this is breaking.
<MageKing17> Everything points to "this should work fine", and yet it's clearly not working.
<MjnMixael> 2 hours later... "God damn, how did this ever work at all?!"
<MageKing17> so
<MageKing17> more than two hours
<MageKing17> but once again we have reached the inevitable conclusion
<MageKing17> How did this code ever work in the first place!?

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<MageKing17> It was all working perfectly until I actually tried it on an actual mission.

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Re: Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
The update has just hit GoG as well.
Oh guys, use that [ url ][ img ][ /img ][ /url ] :/


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Re: Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
I have nothing of value to add to the current discussion, I just wanted to say I'm honored to now have a 4 year necrothread to my name.

And no, I never did get back into this.  So many other non-frustrating games in the backlog. 
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