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Since I was introduced to 3dsmax by a friend a few years ago, I have been working on spacecraft and other vehicles in my spare time. This is my latest work-in-progress, a 2-km class space battleship for my own OU. I haven't figured out what to do for the underside (it is completely flat at the moment) and how to make good-looking greebles and would appreciate any comment and advice. Finally, I don't know how to texture the whole thing.

Short description:

--- Code: ---Name: Muspel/Tirpitz-class Battleship (Muspel was laid down first but Tirpitz was completed first, leading to the confusing class name)
Vessels in service: 34
Length: 2145m
Primary armament: 18x 1m naval guns, 2x "Basalt" railgun systems, 1x retractable "Pumice" spinal railgun system
Secondary armament: numerous (depends on final design) 80cm diameter VLS launch cells, numerous (depends on final design) heavy VLS launch cells with "Starburn" antiship missiles
Defensive armament: 6x Testudo ASWS (Area Suppression Weapon System) (each ASWS is a turret with dual 3-barrel 380mm Gatling naval guns firing AoE shrapnel shells)
Shielding: Northstar GSX-2900 gravity shield (energy absorption capacity: 2900 EJ)
Amount of time survivable against Sathanas: 34 seconds
--- End code ---

Trivial Psychic:
The level of detail on this is quite impressive.  If this was intended for the FS universe, I would question the use of the stub wings, but as this is your own thing, that's a moot point.  I do however fail to see the need for the large prow.  Scratch that... I just saw in your succession of images, that the prow splits into 2 pieces and slides back to reveal the apparent main gun.  That said, it looks too prominent to me and the FS engine doesn't handle submodel translation very well.  I would instead have doors with rotate out of the way.  Perhaps have 2 upper and 2 lower doors running the length of the weapon, which slide within a larger fixed structure on either side of the weapon, while a pair of semi-conical doors covering the emitter, rotate to each side, also sliding within the side structures.

As for the belly, you may want to do the opposite of the wide "spine" down the center of the top, and do a similarly-shaped trough down the center of the ventral.

Sorry for not getting back to you. I have had a busy week. I have made a new, less prominent prow but I am still working on the underside. Hopefully I can get something out soon.

Necroing my thread, RL has not been nice to me until lately. Sorry for being away for so long.

Dorsal profile view:

Ventral profile view:

Ventral profile view #2:

Rear profile view:

Phantom Hoover:
Wow, that's some nice work. Always have to love the stiletto-ships.

I do think it suffers from two dozen engine syndrome, though.


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