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Hello, and quick simple question!
Just found this site, and new to Freespace 2 (I'm rediscovering video games at the advanced age of 46 that I really should've played when they came out).  So hello!

My quick question is about the mods.  I'd really like to play through the original game before I add any new campaigns or gameplay changes.  So when I ran the FreeSpace Open Installer, I only installed FreeSpace Open and MediaVPs, not the mods, so I can have the improved graphics with original gameplay.

My question is:  if I chose instead to install everything (mods and optional downloads), will I still be able to play through the original game (in other words, will there be an in-game menu showing the original campaigns and separate mods), or should I just wait until I've played through once before I download everything?



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Re: Hello, and quick simple question!

You use the launcher to select which mod to play so you can download everything now, then still play through the original game either with the original assets (i.e. no mod selected) or the upgraded assets (with mediavps_2014).  i.e. downloading and installing all mods doesn't force you to play with all the mods.
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Re: Hello, and quick simple question!
That's great - thanks!