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Star Wars: Snubfighter Aces project
Hi All

After talking with an actual productive member, this seemed like a reasonable place to put this...

I'm starting work on a starfighter game set in the Star Wars universe, tentatively called SW: Snubfighter Aces. It's meant for mobile; iOS and Android. Fundamentally, it's a toned down version of World of Tanks, in space. That is, sign on, grab your snubfighter, join a room, shoot people down. I plan on a simple power allocation system between engines, shields, and lasers, but I don't know that I'd consider this a sim. 3rd person view, probably no cockpit view.

I'm using Unity 3D for the platform. I think I have the basic programming covered, but I'm sure we can always use help. Broadly, I'm looking for two things: Artists and Ideas. I need artists for the snubfighter models, including textures, and artists for the UI, and everything else.

I'd also like input from the community for what you'd like. How snubs should behave. Tech trees and unlocking. Missions. More. There are things that I want, but I know I don't have all the answers. And I'm sure some of my ideas aren't that great. We shall see.

I'm not trying to recreate the wheel here, just trying to get a decent SW starfighter game made. And since it's SW, it should go without saying that this is free to play. There will be development costs for this, and I'll be paying them when appropriate. There won't be any confusion when that is.

One question that may come to mind is why I would spend money developing something I can't make money from. It took me a while to be able to describe it, but it boils down to because it's fun. Some people might go drinking, golfing, concerts, whatever, for their hobbies. This is a hobby for me. I hope that's a good enough explanation.

That's probably enough wall of text for now. I'll do my best to answer any questions.


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Re: Star Wars: Snubfighter Aces project
This really belongs in the programing or gaming discussion forum rather than FS Modding. Will shift it in a sec.

Any reason why you're specifically going for the SW universe? Other than being a fan, I mean? Because maybe you should consider doing this in a custom universe so that the whole project can't get shut down by a C&D letter, and then maybe do a SW skin as a mod later on. Lucasfilm have never bothered mods too much, historically, but somehow a brand new mobile game using their IP, even a free one, feels like it might be in different territory, somehow.
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Re: Star Wars: Snubfighter Aces project
Apologies for wrong forum.

Good question. I am actually working on parallel development for my own universe, but it does have some differences. Mine is more Starfury-styled designs and closer to Newtonian physics than SW-style WW2 airplanes in space. (Hopefully my HUD mockup successfully attached...) There are aspects I can re-use, and others that have to be different.

But really what it boils down to is that I just want to see a SW game my way. There are some models I want, some play features I want, etc. As things progress, I'll continue talking to Disney. Setting it in Legends/old EU rather than The New Hotness has a certain advantage.

If/when we get a C&D of course I'll respect it.

Marginally related, I used to design/make resin model kits, and go to shows with them. And sit right next to licensees. One thing I learned was to not compete. That is, don't do what a licensee does. Not always, but generally you'll be ok.

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Re: Star Wars: Snubfighter Aces project
Marginally related, I used to design/make resin model kits, and go to shows with them. And sit right next to licensees. One thing I learned was to not compete. That is, don't do what a licensee does. Not always, but generally you'll be ok.

As soon as you put an app on the app store that has Star Wars in its name, you are competing and Disney will jump on you.

In addition, I wouldn't put too much hope into getting into talks with Disney. The Star Wars license is hot ****, and unless they commission you to make a game for them, you are expected to fork over a ****ton of cash for the priviledge of slapping the name onto your product.

Your best course of action is to make the game you want to make, but use an original IP for it. You can then use the lessons learned from it to make the next, better game. And so on and so on. Do not fall into the trap of trying to do your dream project as your first one. That way lies misery and pain and disappointment.
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Re: Star Wars: Snubfighter Aces project
All excellent advice, thank you. I'd never actually put SW in the title. Sorry. I know that would just be bad.

I did actually talk with Disney SW licensing, so I do have a little idea. One thing I also learned is that a working demo is infinitely more important than any proposal. Don't think that I have delusions of grandeur. I know what the end result is. I would just be disappointed in myself if I didn't work on it.

This actually isn't my first project. Like I said, it's a hobby. I suspect I'll end up going it alone. No biggie. I can get passable models easily enough (legally) and make much of what I can't otherwise get. I would rather work with talented people (because I most certainly am not), but I know it doesn't always work out that way.

Thank you again and rest assured that I will continue with my own original designs, too.

Re: Star Wars: Snubfighter Aces project
Make sure you have a plan to rebrand everything if the licensing doesn't work out.
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