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3.7.4 is the last build that 5.5g can handle. Current and future nightly builds and releases will not work correctly when started by 5.5g.
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Yet Another Launcher is a good alternative and has a very similar look-and-feel to Launcher 5.5g, but sadly it too will be rendered incompatible for builds after 3.7.4.


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If the launcher doesn't actually use the new config system then it should still work with the old system. However, if the config file is present then that will always be used instead of the registry so you can't mix wxLauncher and 5.5g.


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Is there a list of notable features from the old version? I've been rather out of touch with SCP development for the past year and I'm not certain what each release is bringing nowadays. MediaVPs are easy enough to show off with screenshots.
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This is a somewhat accurate summary of the changes in each release, for 3.7.4 we should also have added "tons of bugfixes".
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