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Has anyone seen this.  I get this when I click play button

mv_effects-sdf.tbm(line 16):
Error: Required token = [#END] or [$Species_Name:], found [$Countermeasure Type:   Type One] .

ntdll.dll! ZwWaitForSingleObject + 12 bytes
KERNELBASE.dll! WaitForSingleObject + 18 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_0.exe! <no symbol>
fs2_open_3_7_0.exe! <no symbol>
fs2_open_3_7_0.exe! <no symbol>

I am on Windows 10 with newest NVIDIA Drivers


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You are using a build that is massively outdated. Please update to FSO 3.7.4, which can be found here.
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thank you :)