Author Topic: 2014 FSU MediaVPs Install Failed  (Read 614 times)

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2014 FSU MediaVPs Install Failed

I have this wee problem. As the title states, the part of the install called 2014 FSU MediaVPs failed to install. Screenshot attached.

A couple other things failed to install, but they were small things like voice packs. This one looks important. Any help?

Upon completion of the rest of the install, it said this to me:
2014 FSU MediaVPs: The file 'MV_Root.7z' could not be downloaded.


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Re: 2014 FSU MediaVPs Install Failed
According to the mirror monitor the site seems to be up and I can manually downland MV_Root.7z. I'd suggest trying to run the installer again, it may have been a temporary issue.
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