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Cannot play last mission of WiH part 2
Currently, once the loading bar for the last mission fills up, I get this error. Please help. I installed the game through the FSO installer just 2 weeks ago.

Malloc Failed!

ntdll.dll! NtWaitForSingleObject + 21 bytes
kernel32.dll! WaitForSingleObjectEx + 67 bytes
kernel32.dll! WaitForSingleObject + 18 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2.exe! SCP_DumpStack + 213 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2.exe! bm_lock_dds + 72 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2.exe! bm_load_image_data + 265 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2.exe! bm_load_image_data + 133 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2.exe! bm_lock + 135 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2.exe! bm_free_data_fast + 38 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2.exe! opengl_create_texture + 167 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2.exe! gr_opengl_tcache_set_internal + 174 bytes
<no module>! <no symbol>
<no module>! <no symbol>
fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2.exe! Weapon_info + 620749 bytes
<no module>! <no symbol>
<no module>! <no symbol>
<no module>! <no symbol>
<no module>! <no symbol>
<no module>! <no symbol>
<no module>! <no symbol>
<no module>! <no symbol>
<no module>! <no symbol>
<no module>! <no symbol>
<no module>! <no symbol>

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Re: Cannot play last mission of WiH part 2
Malloc Failed!
FSO is running out of usable memory. There's very little that can be done about this except to attempt to reduce how much memory FSO is using. You can try deleting/renaming the extension of/moving to somewhere FSO won't load them from the following files to see if it helps:
Code: [Select]
F:\Program Files (x86)\\Freespace 2\bpcomplete\bpc-advanced1.vp
F:\Program Files (x86)\\Freespace 2\bpcomplete\bpc-advanced2.vp
F:\Program Files (x86)\\Freespace 2\bpcomplete\bpc-advanced3.vp
F:\Program Files (x86)\\Freespace 2\mediavps_2014\MV_Advanced.vp
F:\Program Files (x86)\\Freespace 2\mediavps_2014\MV_A-Glows.vp
If do that and FSO still gives a "Malloc Failed!" error, then there's really nothing to be done (unless your computer has at least 4 GB of RAM, in which case a 64-bit build would help... but we don't yet provide 64-bit nightly builds, so someone would have to compile one for you).
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Re: Cannot play last mission of WiH part 2
Thanks. Deleted the high res texture files and the mission loaded. A shame though.

EDIT: Whole mission ran fine until the debriefing and the same error popped up when i clicked accept
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