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It would be a waste of narrative capital to just annihilate the Masyaf, since the core question of the Fedayeen ('how far can you go to achieve victory without losing yourself?') is very different than the Wargods' ('how does camaraderie/esprit de corps survive in a war of technical inhumanity?'). But it is interesting to see how Laporte, deprived of her quasidivine Fedayeen support, carries their lessons back into line Fleet duty. Neither the Wargods ethos nor the Fedayeen ethos alone will be enough.

Heh, I was responding to Quake, sorry!

No, forgive me, I was a bit of a dumb-dumb and failed to see the quotation that was obvious right in front of my eyes before responding.

Gorgons are AWACS which is handy dandy for fighting Ainsarii.

The Masyaf will be sufficiently damaged to enhance Steele's chances of success.

This makes much more sense. The AWACS-enabled piles of turrets & bombs do seem like they could throw the Fedayeen a bit of a curveball, and a couple of stray beam-bombs to the Masyaf's fighterbays might wreck Fedayeen ops for a few weeks. Which is more than enough time for Steele to do his magnificent bastardry!

It's probably in the most heavily armored part of the Masyaf, but think of what might happen if a beam-bomb pierced the CASSANDRA room! If Shambhalla doesn't work out for any reason, CASSANDRA is the UEF's next best option.
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"Obviously the meson bomb is a form of cat-toast-device, with the buttered toast inverted, so that the cat and toast both fly in the direction of gravity much faster than expected. By introducing artificial gravity, a pair of cat-toast perpetual motion accelerator units can be made to collide with one another, and they produce an unimaginably devastating explosion. Both cats are named 'Meson'."

 - Wikileaks 2383


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Neither the Wargods ethos nor the Fedayeen ethos alone will be enough.

My excitement for Act 4 more than doubled just now.

What if CASSANDRA gets shot? Uhm, well... If the damage would happen to somehow disable Cassie's firewall abilities and the Fedayeen would still be in the Nagari network... They'd effectively be an unprotected entity in there, and we all know that there's *something* that really likes to roflstomp these kind of tresspassers. Just imagine, Fedayeen becoming something that is totally incomprehensible for human mind, and destroying the Universe, starting with the UEF and GTVA.

That GTVA operation would have the biggest backfire consequence in history.
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I was supposed to make a short presentation about basics of optical fibers and here I am, listening to Eurobeat while reading about quantum cryptography.

If the dead Shivan is what permits access to the network in the first place, shooting it would just lock the Fedayeen out, as well as shut down the Dreamscape and Al-da'wa... which is why I'm so down on the possibility, at least so soon after such effort has been spent introducing those elements.


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I suppose an unlucky burst of radiation from the ship being bombed could injure cassandra in some way and reduce its usefulness.

Neither the Wargods ethos nor the Fedayeen ethos alone will be enough.

It is time. Light the beacons and awaken the sleeper. Unleash Ricardo.

I'm more concerned about that new GTVA heavy bomber seen engaging the Masyaf in the ending cutscene

I can't be the only one who is hoping that she's not a free-floating cloud of Narayana debris, right?

Im extremely disappointed in the (single??) UEF fighter assigned to the Masayf. 4 mere bomber-mounted autoturrets killed a Feydayeen pilot before they even fired a shot. The bombers didn't even use any primaries or secondaries.
I'll be further disappointed if the Masayf:

Has no other fighters available.

Is unable to call in the fancy Shielded Custos for support (where would they keep this ship hidden anyway? A secret Feydayeen base? why isn't it kept in the dark next to the Masayf if not deployed on some secret mission?)

Has no contingency for being discovered - If I'd been sitting still off in a quiet corner for any length of time, I'd have my nav officers compute 3 solid escape vectors and save the results, so I could jump quickly if ambushed. Especially if I was the cloak and daggers experts. I'd also keep my jump drive at least partially charged - im not using my frigate for shooting things yet, but the ability to be wherever I'm needed quickly seems to be a top priority.

1) Are we sure that the stealth fighter was killed? Was it even a stealth fighter?

I find it hard that a Fedayeen fighter would be so easily killed by bomber turrets. Fedayeen operators are amongst the best pilots in the UEF - and perhaps even in the GTVA. Just 4 Fedayeen operators in "Her Finest Hour" slaughtered wing after wing of the Carthage's fighters.

2) If Steele really knew how important the Masyaf was, there would a dedicated hunter-killer team jumping in. The Tevs most likely saw that there was a single, isolated frigate on their scopes, and decided to send a small contingent of Gorgons for a test-run.

The Spatha Fighter is destroyed by the Gorgon Bomber...
In the log, it registers that one of the Spatha Stealth Fighters are destroyed.
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