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need help with fso installation
Hello. sorry my bad english

SO i have bought freespace 2 on gog sale. i would like to get fso to get that awesome looking graphics. unfortunly i have no idea HOW and i know how stupid this sounds... its appeard so easy but somehow it doesnt work for me.

after installing the base game from gog i use the launcher from i open it with java and everything seems to be ok... full installation...files downloaded wth an error ( some campaign error ) and well the game later runs normaly without any mods. i read something about some wxlauncher which enables mods and i have downloaded and installed it manualy - it doesnt see my freespace 2 game really lost... can somebody tell me what am i doiung wrong? or give clear instructions? i dont even care extra campaigns i just want the base campain with new better graphics... the instructions on the site tells that after downloading everything with fsoinstller i should have some "launcher" in my game directory - there isnt any... i thought it might be that wxlauncher but after downloading and installing it manualy it doesnt see my game directory... i know this post is very messy but its 7 hours im trying to make it work and i fail all the time and im so tired... please help


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Re: need help with fso installation
When you run wxLauncher, you need to select the location you installed Freespace2/GoG to.  Here's the config on my system:

(yes that's in Linux, but the screen should mostly look the same on Windows.

Select the "Basic Settings" tab
Enter the Freespace2 install directory into "Game root folder" (and there must be a bug in wxLauncher, it's supposed to show a "browse" button to let you select the folder
Select FS2 Open 3.7.4 for the "FS2 Open Executable"
Set your desired resolution, Audio playback device and Joystick (if you have one) in the same tab
Next you want to run the original campaign with updates, so you need to select the mod called "MediaVPs 2014"

Select the "Mods" tab in wxLauncher
Find "MediaVPs 2014" in the list & click "Activate"
Click on "Play"

If you continue to have issues, please post some screenshots of your wxLauncher "Basic Settings" and "Mods" tab and we'll help you out.
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Re: need help with fso installation
i dont know how somehow ive made it work by launchjing the installer a couple of times again and again - seems it was crashing before and not installing all the functions now it works just  fine - god this looks so gorgeous now

Re: need help with fso installation
Well we're glad you're enjoying it. And for the record, we've seen native speakers of the English language family who have less of a grasp on the language than you. So don't be too hard on yourself. Enjoy the new graphics, and if you think it's good now, wait until they finalize the physically based rendering (PBR) and the media VPs get updated with new PBR textures.
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