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Hacked Tables and No HUD
A friend of mine and myself have started playing the coop Freespace The Great War Port, unfortunatly we have run into two problems.

The first one is that we died on a mission and clicked observe the round. After we both died we have never gotten the HUD back. We have restarted the game many times and it's even been a couple days and still no HUD of any kind except the crosshairs,

The second is we both get hacked tables errors when online. That means the game isn't tracking our medals, kills, or promotions for the campaign. I have found a listing from I believe 2007 that gave a broken link and said to download and place in a tables folder to fix but the link no longer works.

Last this isn't really a problem but we both have I assume the newest version of FSO, we would like to use the cockpits mod but when we select it we lose the FS Port MOD. Is there a way to run both at the same time?

My Freespace 2 is the STEAM version
My Specs if any if it matters on such an old game.
64 Bit - Win 10
i7 - 6700k 4.0 Ghz with Corsair H110-i Liquid Cooler
MSI R9 390x DDR5 8 gigs
32 gigs of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400 C16 RAM 4x8GB sticks
Sentey Metal Blade Power 1000Watts 80 Plus Bronze
Corsair 760t full size with Five 140mm fans

I've included my root folder for reference.

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Re: Hacked Tables and No HUD
Does pressing shift-O bring the HUD back?