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Some ships Invisible: BTA mod
So I've been having a really great time playing through Between the Ashes. Until I get to the mission "How the West Was Lost". Some ships are visible, cargo is visible, but I can't see those annoying dock workers and there is some kind of structure in the middle that I keep bumping into.
I've tried what I can think of: reinstalling Freespace, I've downloaded the MVPs individually and put them into the correct folder, I've looked at the log and it does say that the ships table and one other table is invalid !!! but I'm not sure if that's important.
The game was working fine up until that mission.

Log is attached.

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Re: Some ships Invisible: BTA mod
Anyone have any thoughts? I haven't really tried anything in the last few days, still waiting to see if someone has some ideas I could try.

Re: Some ships Invisible: BTA mod
Try "Disable GLSL (shader) support" in launcher.
But I strongly suggest update AMD GPU drivers.


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Re: Some ships Invisible: BTA mod
And if that doesn't help, try reproducing the issue on the debug build, then post the log here.
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Re: Some ships Invisible: BTA mod
Thanks, updating video card driver fixed it.
What I don't get is why? The whole game was working just fine until that particular mission. If the video card didn't support something required for the game, why would it only show up at that mission? That's why I didn't update to begin with because I remember thinking: well, obviously it's not my video card since the whole game's been working.

Of course, I'm not complaining. The mission should be much easier now that I can see! ;)

Thanks again.

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