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my first plz
hi there

sorry for my ENG

today is my first time installing FreeSpace 2 game (GOG)
and used FS Open installer and its done

anyway..i still didint play Modded Stories but

i just played STAR WARS OT mod

when i start the game..and go Campaign ..there's nothing..just Freespace2!!
but when i go to Option and Ships ..then i can choose with campaign to play
is this normal or somthing wrong?

even when i play the original Freespace2 upgraded..same
i need to go to other option to select ship and level!!

Re: my first plz
There is no campaign for Star Wars OT mod.
You can only play few mission via Tech Room -> Single Missions.


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Re: my first plz
And in mods with a campaign file (or basic FS2) you need to select the campaign in the campaign room, then go to the briefing room/ready room/whatever it's called to play the campaign.

Re: my first plz
very helpful
thanx very much
appreciate it