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Resolution / MediaVP issues
Hi All,

For some reason, when I load the FreeSpace Open game from any launcher, my graphics options (resolution, texture settings etc) aren't loading with the game. The game still loads in a much smaller / lower resolution than the one I am trying to play.

Can anyone suggest any fixes for this?


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Re: Resolution / MediaVP issues
You might need to run your launcher as administrator to change the resolution.  You could also try setting the -res command line parameter in the launcher. e.g.

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-res 1920x1080
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Re: Resolution / MediaVP issues
Thank you, I'll give these a try.

We'll get there in the end! :)

Re: Resolution / MediaVP issues

The wxLauncher doesn't function - I can't change the graphics settings or resolution on that as they don't stick, but the launcher that looks like a cat's paw works brilliantly. All graphics have stuck.


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Re: Resolution / MediaVP issues
Try enabling Advanced Options -> Troubleshoot -> Use a different registry path. If that doesn't work, try running wxLauncher as an administrator, both with and without the aforementioned option.
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