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Hi all,

I am working on a trace viewer to see the time taken during fs2's execution time. (let's make it fast!)

I would like to brand it with HLP/FS2 artwork. So it looks like it works with fs2. Are there any restrictions on using the HLP image and a shot of maybe a Deimos being laser'd by a Moloch for the splash screen?


Ok, no response means I need more details.

here is a link to the splash screens I made.

and here is the trace viewer.


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Maybe mention this thread on our Discord server?  Link should be in my signature.  (have to hit 'expand', sorry, my sig is a bi ton the large side)


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Maybe mention this thread on our Discord server?  Link should be in my signature.  (have to hit 'expand', sorry, my sig is a bi ton the large side)
He mentioned it there, first.
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I think I may hit a cycle by doing that. :) They recommended I post here. Either way, I will be clear. I will take down the artwork if the authors do not approve.


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I think the issue is whether or not the rights holder for the FreeSpace IP would approve, really.. we aren't the rights holders to anything in retail FreeSpace, unfortunately.


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I don't think this is an issue with the FreeSpace IP holders since the artwork he is using is based on stuff from the MediaVPs.


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I can't really comment about using the images in splash screens, but what about the viewer? That sounds interesting, do you have any screenshots of it in use?
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If software is not specifically for FSO related things, I wouldn't use FS2 IP at all in it.  If this is exclusively for FSO stuff, I don't see any real issue with MVP assets in splash screens, etc, unless the original asset author has issue with it.  But that's not usually likely around here.
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Sorry for the late replies:

You can find the viewer here, I hope it helps.

As for the reason for using fs2 assets, to be honest, I like fs2 a lot. I want to give something back to the community that supplied me with blue planet, just another day and sync. This is an extension of "Trace Compass". The tool "space compass" is 100% for the freespace 2 community. If it works with others, fine, but this is my primary focus. I will also do my best to mainline features as we go. I don't see my employer going "Rear_admiral_tarsus please add a 17 year old game to our supported platform list, I will pay you to implement and maintain that." So I think space compass will always be a thing, but I see it hopefully getting smaller and smaller with every release of trace compass. Or, that new features helping the devs can be implemented in here and if, by any chance, this allows them to isolate heisenbugs faster, I will be thrilled to believe I helped. :)