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Thoughts, could it be good or will it go down the federation force path?


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Returning to side-scrolling platformer on a hand-held device strikes me as a good move, and I think it'll be difficult to screw up.  Maybe it's my personal opinion on the matter, but I care significantly less about story and significantly more about solid gameplay in a sidescrolling platformer game than in a FPS style game.  The enemies look like they're cogently designed to be visually related to each other.

If it's Metroid focused on Samus fighting Metroids and exploring dungeons with her kick-ass suit, it'll be pretty good.


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Can't wait myself.  Metroid 2 is one of the games I never got around to (along with, incredibly ashamedly, Super Metroid), and it seems like they're keeping things nice and classic.


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I strongly recommend hitting 2 and 3 before you play this one.  They're the bar setters.


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I would strongly recommend playing AM2R before playing this. Then play the original Metroid II if you haven't already.

it's about samus and it's not made by an insane misogynist so really at this stage it's the best thing that's ever happened to the franchise
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