Author Topic: Ressurection of: Mechwarrior: Living Legends  (Read 546 times)

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Ressurection of: Mechwarrior: Living Legends
Surprisingly, not dead and has returned to being worked on. Recent changes are that it is now Standalone (No Crysis: Warhead install needed), to name a significant one.

Info/Download Site:

Servers list and stats:

The Training Server is set up with unlimited credits allowing you to get used to every piece without having to grind for it in gameplay.
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Re: Ressurection of: Mechwarrior: Living Legends
thanks!  I had forgotten all about this project.
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Re: Ressurection of: Mechwarrior: Living Legends
HOLY ****! This was my JAM so hard for like two solid years until it completely died off. I'll be stunned and delighted (and also a little scared my productivity is going to take super hard) if this manages to make a comeback.