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Re: The Blue Planet Oracle (full BP2/3 spoilers within!)
I don't really understand how the sentiments you're expressing conflict with the post you're responding to.

Not so much conflict as point out at the end of the day, FS2 is a space sim where you fly around and blow up enemy ships. I'd like Blue Planet to have an eventual conclusion, even if it was a Fredded cutscene or a novel or the like. I would say there is an expectation of some form of catharsis for the player, since BP is essentially positioning itself as the "final" chapter of Freespace, I'd like to see some hope of the Shivan conflict end without obliteration for humanity. But I also think blind submission to Shivan meddling in our material universe to be opposed absolutely.

In short, I believe the GTVA is correct in their assessment, if flawed in their execution. BP lore is also incredibly spread out (good but spread out) and diffuse across a dozen short stories, the campaigns, and hidden dialogue, so apologies if I'm missing key details.