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[WINDOWS RELEASE] VPacker, a commandline VP file creator
I was having a few problems with VPMage and either couldn't figure out how to create a brand new VP file from scratch using any of the alternatives or didn't like them, so I decided to write a simple tool myself.
Usage is pretty easy: 
Code: [Select]
VPacker.exe <Path\To\Output.vp> <Path\To\InputFolder>Platforms:  32 and 64-bit Windows; Windows 7 or later
32-bit download link:
64-bit download link:
Source code:

The input path must be to a "data" folder and the output must be a VP file (i.e. the path must end in ".vp or .VP").
Relative paths are not (yet) supported.
If the output VP file already exists, it will be overwritten silently.
This tool only creates VP files from scratch; it cannot modify or extract them.  If you want that, I recommend VPView or VPGUI.
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