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Subnautica fanfics (list)
All quite worth a read IMHO (if you know of any I've missed, please post them and I'll add them to the list).  I've arranged them from A-Z using the first volume title where multiple volumes exist.

From the UWE Subnautica forums:

Athena's Plunge by Falsone Plays

Aurora Falls
 and its sequel, Borealis Rising by Bugzapper

Dawning by Skope

Downward Spiral by Scifiwriterguy

Flagship Eclipse
 and its sequel, Diamond Crusade by Jameszorg

"Nos Manere" (We Remain) by DarkStar88

Splash Down by Thundershock27

The Trial of Ryley Robinson - Subnautica Epilogue by Talanic Subnautica category is here
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