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The Blue Planet Oracle (full BP2/3 spoilers within!)

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General Battuta:
With BP's tenth anniversary coming up, and our minds still on our promise to finish this story one way or another, we think it's time to start revealing some of the secrets that await in the BP story.

I'll answer questions, although in an oracular sense. Ask anything. Yes, knowing what's coming could change the experience if we do ever finish Acts 4+5 and BP2 - but knowing is never the same as playing.

Fire away.

In Steele's mind, assuming he wins, what kind of surrender/peace treaty would he want the UEF to sign?

Colonol Dekker:
What's the situation regarding uef infiltration into the alliance command element?

I only want a Yes/No answer, Were the Shivans made by a Boltzmann brain / Type-6 civilization / or are a subsystem of a higher entity?

It's obvious in hindsight.

Trivial Psychic:
Will future installments remain with Laporte as the player's character, switch back to Bei or another previously-encountered character, or will we become a completely new character?
Will the next installment feature a significant increase in cap-ship command missions?


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