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Admiral Nelson:
Beyond the Red Line

Beyond the Red Line (BTRL or BtRL) is a standalone total conversion based on the popular Re-Imagined Battlestar Galactica series. It features a seminewtonian flight model. A tutorial, two single player missions and multiplayer are included. In February 2008 Beyond the Red Line received Mod DB's "Mod of the Year Award" for "Best Independent Game."  Although it is quite short, the missions are interesting and have high production values as well as clever and elaborate Fredding.

The original 2007 release of BtRL relied on certain syntax that is no longer supported in current FSO builds.  This release adapts BtRL to function using the new syntax so that it can be played again!



* Extract all contents of the zip file below to your Freespace folder.
* Select the mod "BtRL" via your FSOpen mod launcher.


BtRL Team - Original concept and campaign
Admiral Nelson - Patch to version 1.1 as documented below
FrikgFeek - Testing
Axem - texture fixes

3) FIXES IN 1.1

Tables revised and debugged to function in current builds
Certain textures adapted to current usage of alpha channel
Audio and music file corrections
Minor bugfixes
Spell check
The speed of the the mining ship in mission 2 has been increased to eliminate needless asteroid shooting



General Battuta:
Ahhhhh what!

I loved these missions, they really captured the naturalism of BSG's dialog and chatter. Curious to see if they hold up.


Actually i had prefered a conversion of this campaign for Diaspora, because Diaspora does not have many custom content :).

That is a surprise, nonetheless.

And what a pity that several BtRL custom campaigns are lost... for example there was a modification with several BSG ships back then for it and at least two campaigns with 20+ missions for BtRL with this modpackage.

Admiral Nelson:
If anyone has any of that old custom content it should still work with this pack....


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