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[RELEASE] Fek'Leyr Targ's "Wing Commander" Models
Hello people,

while sifting through my hard drive, I rediscovered my "Wing Commander" meshes I built in my early Blender days, following FreeSpaceFreak's tutorial.
As I don't wish to let them "collecting dust", I've decided to release them as they are for anyone to use.
(Some are pretty much finished, some don't even have a UV-map.)

Even though they were built with FreeSpace Open/Wing Commander Saga in mind, they can still be converted for any use.

The base texture was provided by Kevin Caccamo on his homepage, who also wrote the texturing tutorial I followed for my models.

You have my permission to convert and use the models and textures for anything non-commercial, as long as you give me proper credit.
(License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Bloodfang (WC2 Demo variant)
Coffin (WC4 variant)
Gotha (from "Action Stations", based on NinjaLA's sketches)
Jrathek ("Academy" variant)
Jrathek ("Armada" variant)
Kilrathi Shuttle from "Secret Missions 2"
Mace (WC4 variant)
Salthi (WC1 variant)
Spacelab/Beaufort Station

All further details are in the ReadMe-file.

Have fun with these models.
(I'm curious to see what you will do with them.)
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