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Screencap Contest - September 2017
This month's theme is: Unity

Show me a diverse alliance of people, ships and ideologies. They can be united in conflict, or at peace. Terrans and Vasudans? Federation and Klingons? Nerd and jock? It's up to you.

The rules are:
No Photoshop or post-processing!! (That is, no touching it up after taking the screenshot)
Maximum 3 entries per person!!!

Use the screencap script to help you take that perfect shot!

Darius - 1
niffiwan - 1
tomimaki - 1
thisisaverylongusername - 1
Frikgfeek - 1
Nyctaeus - 1
DahBlount - 1
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Re: Screencap Contest - September 2017
Enigma Confed Fleet with some ships of the Ghorah Khar Rebels, 2669

Star Citizen Garage No. 250:

AEGIS DYNAMICS: Sabre, Redeemer, Hammerhead
Tumbril Nova Tank


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Re: Screencap Contest - September 2017

Red and black ants, building bowling alleys from caterpillar teeth.

Or something.
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Re: Screencap Contest - September 2017