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Offering to record basic audio for someone's projects. Not a paid gig- this would just be me doing this for fun!  for voiceover demos

Also open to record something short you want to request- generic action or story lines for testing on a character type you need.



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Please don't bump your own threads.  If people are looking for help in this area, they'll be able to find you easily enough.


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What exactly are you offering? Somekind of VA or sounds recording? Pardon my ignorance, but your website is kinda messy in terms of actual purpose and offer.
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 I am offering to read scripts for audio for peoples campaigns for free. This would just be me doing this for fun and my love of the game. The website simply contains links to audio demos, if you want to hear my voice. I'm also happy to send a audio clip of something More serious for the type of dialogue we would probably be recording

You have to understand that the hardest part of getting campaigns voice acted is the organisation involved, not a shortage of actors. As far as I know there are no currently-active voice acting projects on HLP, though I'm sure any that might crop up will be glad to have you.
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Cool, thanks for the info! Just putting my name out there